Ashwagandha contains more than 20 essential amino acids and vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium and sodium. It also contains enzymes, vitamins, polysaccharides, nitrogen and other components.

Product Details

50 grams / 100 grams in Aluminium Pouches.

60(500 mg) capsules / 100(500 mg) Capsules / 120(500 mg) Capsules in HDPE bottle.

120(500 mg) Tablets in HDPE bottle

Product Usage And Benefits:

Ashwgandha increases hemoglobin (red blood count) and hair melanin.It stabilizes blood sugar and lowers cholesterol.

Useful in management of white discoloration of the skin

Useful in management of edematous helps clear impurities (Ama) from the various channels of the body.

Useful in treating emaciation and under nutritive conditions

It is useful in management of all diseases originating from aggravated Kapha and Vata.

Ashwagandha herb is useful in many conditions like paralysis, epilepsy, sleeplessness etc.

It increases body energy and vigor. It helps to rebuild the body system which is worn out due to chronic diseases like syphilis, rheumatism

It also replenishes the lowered energy of body due to overwork, mental exertion thus preventing early ageing.

It increases body weight and body energy. Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels. It use full in many skin conditions. It increases the nutritive value of the milk when given to nursing mothers

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