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Locational Area:

Pollution free remote green area nearer to Bay of Bengal within the Agricultural Lands. Our Company is being constructed in our farm .At present ten acres of land are being Utilized for this purpose and the area can be extended nearly about sixty acres.

Building and Race Ponds:

The Necessary construction made to facilate to culture and harvest and manufacture Spirulina and it’s by Products. It comes nearly about 4000 sq ft for Building and 12 race ponds area of around 40000 sq ft for Spirulina Algae Culturing.


Special Designs of machineries were made and installed to suit our own manufacturing process and wherever necessary keeping in mind the quality of spirulina Products. Since it is an Intake food Supplement we are using High quality of utensils and equipments wherever necessary we are in Practice to keep clean and Hygienic working area and good manufacturing processes.


A well equipped laboratory has been Installed and are in use to Maintain the Quality Control Measures at each and every Levels involved in the production of spirulina produces from culture to harvesting and till the products goes to markets. Each and every level we are taking extra care and monitoring all the way throughout the production activities.

Research & Development Team

A dedicated Research & Development Team is involved in developing new products as indicated by the market demand patterns. A team of experienced Biotech & Food Technologists are involved in new product development as well as in Product Improvement.

The R & D Team coordinates with manufacturing units in developing New products, Packaging material, Food labeling, Product shelf life and suitability of new products for human consumption.

The research and development laboratories are equipped with the ultra modern equipments, as and where desired. We aim to develop novel products by leveraging our exceptional scientific talent pool and developmental capabilities. Quality RKS Agro Products follows good manufacturing, laboratory and documentation practices that ensure consistent high quality results. Our state-of-the-art analytical facilities monitor and maintain strict quality of our products, processes and services.

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